The Project

Project Pet SlimDown is a new weight loss approach sponsored by the makers of Purina Pet foods and Purina Veterinary Diets. Annabessacook Veterinary clinic has teamed up with Purina to challenge our patients to slim down and trim up for improved health and longevity. We are ready to answer any questions you have about helping your pet lose weight. Two veterinary technicians, Patti and Melinda, are acting as our official SlimDown liasons for you and your pet. They can set up useful feeding plans and excercise options.

If you are interested in starting this new program, please let us know! During your pet's annual or semi-annual exam (or at any time during the year), we can assess his/her body condition score and note his body weight. With the Pet SlimDown Challenge, we will design a specific feeding and excercise regimen. Every 2-4 weeks after the initial visit, we will track your pet's weight and adjust the diet accordingly. For those of you who enjoy social media such as Facebook, with your consent, we will post your pets progress on our Facebook page. With help from the sponsorship from Purina, we can supply you and your pet with fun toys and incentives to help your progress! Please call us for more information!

Pictures of our Slimmers